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Kalimpong Ultra Marathon

Run with Roshni Foundation (RWRF) is organizing Kalimpong Ultramarathon with distances of 90 kms and 65 kms. There will be a marathon of 42km and Half Marathon of 21Km on the same date for those who would like to experience the breath-taking beauty of the route.

RWRF has been organizing Kalimpong Half Marathon since 2015 to select the top three local boys and girls from the Districts of Kalimpong and Darjeeling. The Kalimpong Ultra marathon will select local top three boys and girls in the Half Marathon event on the same day.

The ultramarathon route has been strategically selected so it tests runners who will do their last and longest training run before the Comrades Marathon of 89km in South Africa.

The route recce was done by Race Director Coach Daniel along with Satish Gujaran and Amar Subba from Sikkim who is known as the marathon man.
By organising KUM, we are promoting Kalimpong as a scenic destination as well as promoting distance running among local youth.

Doing your longest run at the KUM will boost your confidence to complete the Comrades Marathon within the cut off time of 12hrs.

RWRF has a vision to select the best local runners from KUM and to sponsor them to the Comrades Marathon in South Africa in Future

Meet The Team


Roshni Rai 

Run with Roshni Foundation

Dan vaz Pic.png


Race Director


Dr. Charusheela Apsangikar

Medical Director

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